Be The Sun Initiative


We are humbly putting our creativity in service of a selection of non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) that are already providing a comprehensive amount of support in different areas in the life of kids and the impoverished communities in which they live that are urgently in need.

In moments of deep crisis, as it has been this year’s pandemic, the incompetence of corrupt governments is exposed, and these communities are amongst those who suffer the most. 

From our space, as artists, we are making an effort to bring a bit of joy in an attempt to draw the attention of those who may have the privilege and willingness to help those kids and communities in urgent need.

We will be uploading videos featuring different artistic collaborations around the world. Each of these videos will be part of the #BeTheSun Initiative in support of a chosen NGO, whose work we trust and aligns with our cause.

Help us by sharing and donating money to these organizations.

In the future, if we are eligible to monetize this channel, all monies generated from third-party ads on these videos will be donated to these organizations.

Also, we want to welcome anyone who feels called to join our #BeTheSun Initiative to either create a partnership, artistic collaborations, volunteering, mentorships, or want to help this cause in any other way. 

We collect our artistic experience, open heart and empathy to try to alleviate the suffering of those that need it most and hopefully give them a brighter tomorrow. Sing with us.
Join us. 


28 of May:  Instituto “Reciclando O Futuro”- Brasilia



This time, four our second video, Aquafaba has teamed up with a constellation of passionate musicians and an NGO in Brazil’s capital, Brasília, to bring aid to the community of Sol Nascente (Rising Sun) – a hidden favela that is ranked as the biggest and one of the poorest of South America – where there are no hills with access to beautiful panoramic ocean views, only piles of garbage where they used to work as collectors to earn a living until it was closed; where there’s not even the smallest gentrification interest from developers as in other Brazilian favelas.

During this pandemic, many families that used to live from paycheck to paycheck, are now facing an unimaginable need. 

Therefore, we’ve taken the challenge to help them raise funds to distribute basic meal kits to the poorest families of Son Nascente.

Why Sol Nascente?

Danilo Timm of Aquafaba and Ellen Oléria – both  part of the superstar music team, are from Brasília, and in our search for a noble cause that spoke to us,  we found “Instituto Reciclando o Futuro ” with whom we partnered up for this project.  Reciclando o Futuro is doing a fantastic job  training them to have more and better skills to increase their local employment rate . They also have a team of highly reliable helpers standing by for emergency situations. Reciclando o Futuro will be in charge of buying and distributing the meal kits under the compliance of the Ministry of Health’s regulations.

Instituto Reciclando o Futuro was founded by Renata d’Aguiar in 2018 in Brasilia, with the support of the National Assembly, in response to the deplorable conditions in which the community of trash collectors and their families were living in her hometown after the government decided to close the dumping grounds under the apparent pretext of environmental conservation.

Our goal is to help at least 150 families

Cost of 1 basic meal kit    –  €13

Cost of 100 food kits        –   €1,300

Cost of 150 food kits        –   €1,950

Cost of 200 food kits        –  €2,600

We are doing 2 simultaneous campaigns, one for European donations and one for Brazil.

We and mostly the community of Sol Nascente will appreciate so much your donation! With 13euros you supply the basic for a family to survive with dignity for a while.

What is in the meal kits?

Corn Flour;
Wheat Flour;
Savory and sweet cookies;
Basic hygiene and cleaning products,

12 of April: Casa do Zezinho – São Paulo


“Casa de Zezinho” is an association that takes care of the development of highly socially vulnerable youth in São Paulo through educational, artistic, environmental and sportive projects. Right now they have an ongoing crowdfunding campaign to gather money for basic food and healthy kids to be delivered monthly to their families in these impoverished communities. There are over 1,200 kids in these communities. To donate using your credit card please visit their crowdfunding campaign using the following link…

German link

If you would wish to make an international bank transfer, here are the bank details: Associação Educacional e Assistencial Casa do Zezinho CNPJ 74.566.035/0001-29 BANK : Banco Bradesco S/A – 237 Agência João Dias nº 0837-0 ACCOUNT : Conta Corrente n° 69647-1 ADDRESS : Av. João Dias, 1279 – Cep 04723-001 USP-SP São Paulo – Brasil SWIFT CODE Bradesco : BBDEBRSPSPO IBAN : BR23 6074 6948 0083 7000 0696 471C 1

Please, help us spread the love by sharing this video, this initiative, this project! Be the Sun!